Mothers Day


Happy Mothers Day to all. Today is a rest day at a wonderful fire station outside of Philadelphia. I actually am sleeping in a bed for tonight ( and last night too). And my horse manure covered bike , clothes, and body all got clean!

Below are pictures from yesterday through Lancaster County and to Valley Forge.

5 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. Oh my you have made progress. Hope you are well and rested. Beautiful photos! We love the Amish area in PA! Knew it well when Mary was doing her PhD at Penn State!!


  2. The pics remind me of time spent on my Grandparents’ farms in SE Iowa. I enjoyed playing with the Amish kids as a child. I didn’t speak German, they didn’t speak English but we found a way to play together. Such a wholesome place to grow up. Rest well today1. ❤️


  3. Beautiful scenery! So glad you are safe… and now clean!


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