Zephyr’s Revenge


It’s a good idea never to anger a Greek God. Yesterday with Hades Cape I snuck off…today I pay for it.

I know I have 93 miles to go. Notus has dropped cold air from the North and Zephyr adds 25 mph headwinds as I start my ride at 6 with dawn in the East.

Misery, pure misery. By my fifth hour I have gone only 40 miles as I look ahead to see the wind vane spinning beyond belief. I am already exhausted with 50 miles to go.

I look to the East and say good bye to the ocean, I will not see it again until Maine.

I turn to the west to head in after encouraging words from a friend and bear the full brunt of Zephyr’s wrath. Onward I pedal for a total of 10 hours to the place of my rest at the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp.

I will sleep well tonight as exhausted as I am. I wrestled all day with Zephyr and I’m not sure who won…