Transient Beauty


“The Lost City Of Heracleion, which was once the largest port in Egypt, was discovered underwater after more than 2,000 years in the year 2000. Its legendary beginnings go back to as early as the 12th century BC, and it has many links to Ancient Greece.

Flourishing as long ago as the waning days of the Pharaohs, the city was destroyed over time, as it was weakened by a combination of earthquakes, tsunamis, and rising sea levels, according to archaeologists.

At the end of the 2nd century BC, most likely after a severe flood, the monumental buildings of Heracleion collapsed into the water. Some of its inhabitants stayed in what was left of the city during the Roman era and the beginning of Arab rule, but by the end of the eighth century AD, the rest of Heracleion had sunk beneath the Mediterranean.”*

Today I head due east with a strong push by Zephyr the god of the West Wind. Sometimes there are gusts of 30 mph rushing me along. As the sun rises across the horizon I pass vineyards with ripening grapes.

Large rivers now open into the ocean and the inter coastal waterway shows itself.

Further east I begin to see the multitude of canals that dot the landscape leading to the wide open expanses of salt marshes.

The closer I get to the shore the more I see evidence of flooding from yesterdays rain and realize that at best I am three feet above see level for the next 5 days.

Here I see the dangers of climate change and realize all this will be under water with just a little Greenland or Antarctic ice melt.
The beauty will disappear just as did that of Hearcleion…maybe to be re discovered 2000 years from now.

How lucky I am to be able to see it as it is…I am surrounded transient beauty at Davis my nights stay before the ferry to Ocracoke in the AM.

For the next three days we will traverse the NC Outer Banks.This Beauty too will disappear beneath the ocean for perhaps 2000 years. I will relish my time there as I pedal north.

* Greek Reporter 6/1/22