My thighs are burning and I’m in granny gear even on small hills. I get lost going 10 miles up towards the Poconos. I don’t even realize I’m nowhere near the Delaware River.

I remember watching the Tour De France when riders would just suddenly give totally out usually on climbs.

I’m there…my thighs have given out with 4500 feet to climb still today and 3 more weeks of similar climbs.

When I was younger I followed baseball and usually tracked star pitchers. They would do great for 10 years then begin to reverse their win loss records. Suddenly a 23 W 5 L season would become 10W17L season. The next even worse 5W/15L …then off the team.

This is my ninth year of riding. My legs though in good shape are not what they were when I started these treks. Like a baseball pitchers arm the muscles are aging out.

Reality tells me to play it safe and call it quits. I’ve seen too many accidents and deaths on this ride to let my tired state add to the statistics.

And so it now ends.

To all my readers …thank you for all your support. You have been wonderful over the years.

Now I’ll be in my way home… to other non biking adventures.