Day 8 Rest Day in Phoenix


We are all thankful for a rest day. We do laundry, grocery shopping and visit an MS Research Center with a lunch hosted by a physician who just finished the Northern Tier and his clinical support team.

We present a check for 20,000$,


have lunch, visit the patient treatment areas, and listen to a talk on MS.

Some of us fade out…


Tomorrow starts Part two of the ride…up into the high high mountains East of Phoenix in preparation for crossing the Continental Divide.

Day 4 The Desert


Well I made it. I am exhausted. 93 miles across the desert in 8 1/2 hours. 3 hours of climbing over a low mountain range.

110 F on my handlebars. 12 liters of water and I am still a prune.

Here are some pictures. Those are the Chocolate Mountains, we crossed through a southern gap but still 1000 feet up.

Time to sleep…

Day 3 Playing with Fire


When I was a teenager my friends and I would have fights with match guns. Made from clothes pins the small wooden catapults would launch a self sticking match up to 15 feet blazing away ignited by the friction of leaving the “ gun”. Amazingly we never got burned but I did nearly set a couch on fire in the basement of my house.


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Day 0 : I Don’t Know Who I Am…


As I walk to the grocery store this morning to buy supplies for the first week of the ride all is calm and quiet on the San Diego Boardwalk.

I pass two young beauties dressed in skimpy bathing suites…everybody has a perfect body here… I hear one say to the other “ I don’t know who I am…”

A few steps later I turn to my right to see HER nailed to the wall and wonder if SHE knows who she is…


                                    “ ,,A piece of driftwood”… she whispers to me…

                                                Never be surprised by California…

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Well… as many of you know, my trip up the East Coast this year was cancelled due to family illness. Things are  better now and with much encouragement I have decided to ride the Southern Tier again. I have spent the past few months in my art studio



and now am trying to decide whether I will write stories this year or send out watercolor paintings from the passage through the Southwest, Texas and the Deep South.

Just 8 weeks from now I will be in San Diego staring East 3070 miles to Florida wondering if yet again I have lost my mind.

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