A Flowing Stream


I recall sitting once in a series of lectures on Personality Disorders when I was a psychiatric resident in training. The teacher went through the different types with theories as to how each developed. All of the newly graduated MDs recognized traits in themselves and felt a little paranoid at having a “ disorder” .

There ensued an extensive discussion about what mental heath is… one theory is a perfect balancing of all these disorders.

As time went on I left Psychiatry for Internal Medicine and Rheumatology but before doing so thought long and hard on “ mental health “.

I finally decided the developing soul was akin to a free flowing stream going from Mountains to Ocean … encountering impediments and blockages along the way…which each of us must remove ourselves or get professional help in doing so.

Yesterday I decided to cut my trip short letting it end three weeks from now in Middlebury Vermont. I will complete the Atlantic Coast Ride and do the first week of the Northern Tier, then take an Amtrak home stopping by to spend time with two little ones on the way.

By then I will have ridden 5000 miles in training and actual riding this year …a number close to my “All in one sitting” limit in the past.

I don’t want to wear myself out, get too tired to enjoy the trip, or hurt myself.

By that time I will have circumnavigated the world twice at the equator for Bike the US for MS…once in training and once riding. In addition I have raised more than 30,000$ for the organization. A completion feels at hand.

Common sense is also part of mental health and common sense is telling me it time to graduate from this particular type of adventure.

Today I rode along the Delaware River and stopped to watch water flowing down from the rocks above into the moving water headed to the Ocean.

My decision feels right…

This wise old tree agrees…