Because I Can


Spring is such a wonderful time of the year. Flowers everywhere, animals enjoying the warm sun

and fields in all stages of growth… new corn pushing through the rich soil, green mature wheat ripening, winter wheat harvested. So different here in Virginia just a few miles north of the Great Dismal Swamp.

The ride today is very pleasant, just 70 miles with little wind. The sun warms my back as I head North, ever North. The swamps give way to forests and lakes and I leave the alligators behind.

As I ride I think of the fields in different stages and I ponder my time in life. My two grandchildren are like the fresh sown fields, my son the rich green acres of wheat and me somewhere further along.

I was asked before the ride why I would take on such a trek… my response … “ because I still can “.

Abilities vary with ages and reality takes its toll but so often we passively stand still while opportunities pass us by.

I have been very lucky with the roll of God’s dice. Instead of snake eyes I was handed boxcars on a golden plate.

It is , however, my responsibility and mine alone to maximize the worth of that luck by trying over and over again.

Regardless of the extent of the gifts each of us has received there are aspects of life where “because I can “ pertains…making dresses for children who have none, working to better the lives those left behind, taking care of a handicapped loved one, creating art to enlighten ,teaching to broaden minds… even reaching out and giving a loved one a hug… we do all these things “ because we can “ .

There will come a time in the fields when all the autumn harvests are done and winter sets in. When that time comes for me I won’t be able to say “ because I can” but rather that “ I did”. That will be good enough.

Stop now and look around… at a minimum give a loved one a hug.

Today’s ride is dedicated to Luke who is feeling a little better after his chemotherapy.

3 thoughts on “Because I Can

  1. Dr. Patrone, I am Dana Thacker, Luke’s mom and Holly’s sister. The pictures are beautiful and the words are inspiring. Thank you for dedicating today’s ride to Luke!


  2. Amazing pictures. Glad the weather has improved. It is time to consider writing a book about your rides and adventures.


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