Hades Cape


Today I am a little leery of the ride. There have been times in the past where I’ve known that there would be dangerous passages and I recall that today there is one…an extremely long,high bridge between two  Outer Banks islands. I’ve ridden here twice before , and both times been frightened by the powerful swirlings found at the top.

I leave early knowing that there will be strong winds from the west and north directly into my path.

Recent hurricanes have changed the geography of the islands. The northern tip of Ocracoke no longer exists and has been wiped away by Neptune and his violent storms.

I ride  north and suddenly new  bridges appear, ones I have never seen. Storms have cut new inlets where there were none before. 

I top the bridge and look  across the ocean to the shining sun.

Further on I come across a more peculiar bridge one that traverses 2 to 3 miles of sand. I suspect water washes through here and that this land becomes no more.

From the top of his bridge I peer north and see the one I fear 10 miles away.

I know it will be a challenge given Zephyr from the west Neptune from the east as they vie for an orange morsel at the top of the span. I get closer and feel  internal warnings to stay safe , hoping to find Flossie  and Angel  at my side. Massive dunes still protect me from Neptunes fury but I can hear the crashing waves. 

As I approach the bridge Zephyrs bursts fills my mouth with sand. I stopped to wash out the grit and cry out “No fair, foul play from the Western  Wind.”

I see the bridge now wondering if I should  drink my last chocolate milk as a boost for the climb but I visualize Neptune with an orange blob on the end of his spear… dripping my chocolate milk. I put the drink  back and ride on… alone… Angel and Flossie are gone… instead a crowd of cheering bystanders betting on the game…

Across the bridge three or 4 miles in the distance I see a light at the top  of a tower “ What’s that?” but have little time to ponder that thought. 

I start my ride and the winds rip harder and harder around me, pushing me back towards the sand.

150 yards up suddenly all is quiet and calm . I don’t understand. I turn to the ocean and there stands not Neptune but Eurus with a big grin on his face. 

“ I stole Hades Cape  and covered you round .Neither Zephyr nor Neptune can see you now. Don’t be Procrastus but move along little one” and with a gentle push up I go to the top of the bridge. Far to the north I see Zephyr ripping clouds but Neptune is no where to be found. 

I speed down 2 miles to finish and wonder at my luck as I have on this trip again and again. Back on dry land closer to me now is that tower I saw from a distance afar …and behold Flossie and Angel are there  beaming down. 

Zephyr appears and lets out a shout “ You can’t hide from me I’m not done with you yet.” He blasts  me with strong headwinds for the rest of the ride but I care not for I have crossed that massive bridge. 

One thought on “Hades Cape

  1. Pavement abutments of where the bridge joins the pavement, winds, no shoulder: you endured it today. The Lord watched you and cheered!
    Be safe,


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