A Scream


It stands by itself, protected as it should be. I am amazed that the road is built around it. Nature has been honored.

I ride away and wonder at someone’s wisdom and concern. Suddenly to my right there is a scream, and a tall one comes crashing down. The smell of pine tar fills the air while Mother Nature’s tears mist the air. A massive machine has clipped this giant in one fast motion, the majestic one exists no more. 

I look to the ground and see massive piles of its now dead companions. In the distance others weep in unison. 

All this to widen a road…

How different the priorities of the two extremes…One honoring Nature the other honoring Man. 

My thoughts turn to religion , there are churches everywhere … I wonder that Man should mesh religion with Nature in the end. 

I pass the Smallest Church in America and stop to pray. I don’t often do this but I am so vulnerable on the ride it happens naturally. There are no atheists in foxholes…

I cannot help but notice the massive tree that greets each who come this way. 

Inside the solitude allows a deep inner reflection and I realize the Smallest Church may in fact be the Greatest to allow an instant connection between a tiny soul and the Divine.

I can’t help but think to the massive Vatican with all its politics, money, power struggles, hypocrisies and even crime and then look to this small structure where the Divine easily melds inside.

I ride on…

Tonight I stay in  a small church outside on Savanah. It is not fancy, not large. The pastor has welcomed us with open arms with a safe place to sleep, a shower, someone to wash our clothes and a feast for evening meal. 

I think to the Vatican,  the Smallest Church in America and my home for the night. I think to the Tree that was saved, and that One that died, and to the huge bald Cyprus that protects that small little one…

If Man is to connect with Nature to save this present world , I have a sneaky suspicion the link will be our Trees…

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