They died in a basement in 1862 during the middle of the Civil War.

After a blockade runner from Nassau snuck though a Northern Blockade supplies were unloaded through a temporary release of a yellow fever quarantine. A few days later Wilmington was hit with a massive outbreak of the plague. Deaths reached an average of 18 a day with a total of 1000 dead. The epidemic let up only after a rare snowstorm in November of that year.

Just 24 hours ago I entered my home state to the site of shrimp boats setting out for catch of the day.

Not far away I was greeted by MS supporters, always a good sight

and half way through the ride I was given a break with the first of three ferry rides to get to the outer islands off the NC Coast. 

Disembarked there were 2 long hours of riding before I entered the beautiful city of Wilmington, a laid back place. 

Our host showed us to our rooms and I set up my stuff.

Angel and Flossie , not needed for a while went off to explore and play. 

The building we are in dates back to the early 1800s. There are hidden passages, closed off rooms and spooky halls with tunnels.

Down this hall 69 people were quarantined in 1862 and all eventually ended up dead of the plague. 

At the end of the hall is a tunnel leading to the harbor 3 blocks away but none were allowed to escape.

We were told the ghosts of 69 still roam the halls at night.

When I retired  I shut my door tightly but wondered about flickering lights in the wee hours of the morn.

Only  later did I find Angel asleep guarding and keeping me safe all night. 

A rest day today and the NC Coast for the next week.