Nature of the Caress


Context can be so important…important enough that I feel a need to back up.

I am lucky to have several new followers so I am going to pause and explain a few things…anyone following for 8 years will recognize these but so be it.

The White Rabbit was a name given to me 7 years ago by a riding team. There are two aspects to the name: 1) an early morning speedster to get the others going, like the rabbit in greyhound races…some times I break loose from the pack never to be caught, and 2) to flash in and out of the ride like the White Rabbit in Alice and Wonderland…often the two are combined with me being at the end long before others arrive.

“Lost Boy” I earned 5 years ago but deserved much earlier…I often find myself off course through endless daydreaming along the road. Once I ended up 50 miles too far north near the Canadian border but my most extreme wandering was on the Southern Tier. Confused at the map and my surroundings I found a farmer…” Where do you think you are son?” with a grin…” Louisiana?” “ Son you are in Mississippi! Turn around” …Now how does one cross a giant river and not know it? Daydreams abound…

Angel is my Guardian Angel. First met me at age 6…Flossie is a wise cow that Angel often rides. They both protect me on the ride…but still let me get lost from time to time…

The Four Winds…the Greek Gods of the Winds… either helpers or thorns in my side.
Boreus (North) Notus (South) Euros (East) Zephyrus (West)

On this blog I will wander from days descriptions, to deep thoughts, to things I learn. And there will always be Time Traveling…

I’ll share a little of each today.

We rose early at 6:30 but unlike the others I was ready to go at 7. White Rabbit took off not to be caught for the rest of the day. I arrived 90 minutes ahead of all the other riders. For the first time at 50 miles headwinds appeared.

Thus time it was Euros who wore me down. My speed went from 14 mph to 8 for three long grueling hours but I was awarded with tail winds over the massive Brunswick bridge heading

to a church for my nights stay.

Behind tonight’s church is a beautiful garden flowing with Spanish moss.

This flowering plant is found throughout the South living on oak and bald cypress trees especially in lowlands and swamps. It’s name is misleading as it is neither a lichen or moss. The plant consists of one or more slender stems with thin curly leaves which are 1-2 inches long and .04 inches wide. The stems grow in a chain like pattern.

The plant has no roots but it has small yellow- green flowers. The plant is not parasitic but is an epiphyte meaning it absorbs water and nutrients through the air though leaf pores. It does not kill or harm the tree it lives in.

Though Spanish moss has several industrial , medicinal and decorative uses. Mother Nature is fond of using it to calm White Rabbits down…