I watch the field of donkeys fascinated…soft murmurs drift my way. Flossie comes up and says they are speaking to me.

“ Translate please”

“They say keep your Eyes and Ears open today”.

Down the road 20 miles out I hear whispers on the right.They grow louder as I approach but always soft and somewhere in the distance.

“We are the sentinels guarding this hidden palace”.

I peer into the thick wood knowing something sacred lives there.

A few miles later again whispers from the right.

“ We are the soldiers guarding this hidden palace “

Instinctively I know to go deep here would be lethal to a mere mortal.

The forest gives way to where mankind once lived but does so no more.

Even the long defunct church has been moved to a cemetery.

After 50 miles of wilderness I enter a tiny town to be stopped in my path by…goats. A policewoman and a young man are there trying to clear the road. As she fiddles in her car for something he tells me they are not his goats…he has sheep and sure enough just off the road is his flock. The young woman , the goat whisperer, returns with a bag of…Cheetos…

“It’s the only way I can ever round them up”…

They come running to get their treat and suddenly there is Flossie pretending to be a goat…no one can refuse free Cheetos. 

I roll my eyes and Angel and I move on.

Down the way I am looking for rest stop 2 to get water and food but Mother Nature has other ideas and changes the abode. The rest of the day I am without…

Luckily I find the outhouse in the back…at least some needs get dealt with in time…

I turn now towards the ocean and cross the Santee River made famous by Princes of Tides.


Nearby the whispers return and I stop to gaze out on the wetlands. A cool breeze at my back, the freshest smell I have ever known ,and a silence beyond belief layered over by the murmuring wind. 

“ Behold My Church, My Home” 

I do not turn to see where these whispers come from but instead look to Angel on one knee and Flossie Bowing to the ground.

I peer out over the marshes and feel absolute peaceful calm. I do not move but let the moments bath and cleanse my soul.

Silence, a cool breeze, and I know it is time to move on…