Day 17 Going to El Paso

Today we rode to Texas through miles of pecan orchards.


At one time New Mexico was the second largest producer of pecans in the US after Georgia. Recent East Coast hurricanes have destroyed much of the Georgia orchards making New Mexico number one. Please read this article for fascinating details.

Tiday was a short ride of 50 miles. The White Rabbit got his first yellow jersey of the trip. When he arrived the feisty , head female route leader snidely spit out “ What did you do? Knock all the others off?”

She received back a Cheshire Grin. Best way to deal with her…



Tomorrow begins the Texas chipseal roads… 95 miles to Sierra Blanca.

No more story today… nap time for a tired bunny who pushed the pace.


Day 14 Rest Day


Today was a rest day. We spent the morning making signs for a children’s bike ride.


Then we drove north into the mountains,

the tops covered with flowers.

Finally we arrived in a green valley after a 2000 foot drop



to go back in time 800 years to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

An amazing adventure to say the least.

Tonight I sleep in a bed again for tomorrow starts a 14 day trek to Austin Texas.

My buns enjoyed the day off.