Day 19 Van Horn

Hey 9/26/19

Everyday holds a surprise.


Today is a short ride of 34 miles with a minimal climb. More importantly we have a 12 mph tailwind and the temperatures are low. We must be doing something right. The ride cannot be extended as the next town is nearly 100 miles away… save that for tomorrow.

Last time I rode this way the weather was on/off heavy rain, grey skies, and moonscape like terrain.

Today the sky is bright cerulean, the landscape beautiful,


and the air so fresh and clean.

Sidewalls in the road


show past huge geological shifts in the earth but all is quiet today.

Down through a pass in the mountains


we coast into Van Horn for a Subway breakfast and then to our stay for the night… a homeless shelter.


Well this will be a new one…

The hosts are remarkably welcoming and offer us beds in a dorm… some are already sleeping there so we choose a clean floor for our mats.


A kitchen with an offering of any food present ( the pantries are stacked) , clean showers with hot water, and clean bathrooms await us. There is free laundry and air conditioning needed later in the day… this is West Texas after all…

In addition the hosts are so pleased to help us that they decide to fix us lunch, dinner, and breakfast.


Some of the riders are less than thrilled that we are in a homeless shelter… I for one find it a wonderful surprise and an experience we should all go through to help us understand better  “the other side”.


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