Day 21 The Winds Begin


I knew they were around somewhere but the mountains were protecting us.

Well they are back with a vengeance.

We plan to leave early for a short 54 mile ride to Marathon with a breakfast at a Cafe at 24 miles in Alpine.

I am going to be careful today and pack away the calories… no more bonking.

I check my tires


and they look good so I head for the exit only to be stopped by the Gazelle who has s piece of glass in her foot.

Now I have to tell you no MD likes to deal with glass in a foot, so hard to see it or get it out. Tweezers don’t work, it is too deep and slippery so I resort to a sterile needle and my reading glasses with someone holding a strong flashlight. It is a sliver that has gone straight in , the worst possible angle. 30 minutes later it finally comes out much to my and her relief.

By this time everyone has left.

Luckily the early morning breeze is a tail wind and I get to Alpine by 10AM after a descent out of the mountains.


One other has waited for us, the Gazelle passed me at mile 22, so the three of us have a BIG breakfast. The service is poor so it takes an hour  to get our food. We pass the time talking to two “ cowgirls”


in town for a Rodeo. While we wait the winds have shifted so now we are faced with 20 mph headwinds.

If anything could make  a grown man cry on these rides it is significant headwinds.


I just want to stop, to get off my bike and catch a train home from the Alpine Amtrak Station… but I don’t.

For the next 15 miles I battle the winds creeping along at 8 mph. Finally I reach the rest stop at 39 miles in a really foul mood.

I break down and eat my first donut of the trip and suddenly feel much better… sugar highs are wonderful.

Back on the bike I hop and within 3 miles the road to Marathon turns and now there is a 20 mph side wind… something I can deal with.

Finally I arrive in camp at an RV Park where we will pitch tents.

Now the wind feels wonderful as I set up my evening abode.


I walk into town for a barbecue dinner, really scrumptious . A shower and laundered riding clothes finish the day… overall much better than yesterday.

I will sleep well tonight under the stars and try not to think of the next two days… 54 miles with 20 mph headwinds and 90 miles with 25 mph headwinds. I might really cry that day… I have warned the Route Leaders to be “ sensitive “…

Oh well , all good things end…yes that’s right, the Winds are back.

Maybe I should turn around and head back into the mountains


or hitch that Amtrak Ride after all…

Time to break out the donuts…

assorted glazed donut


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