Well… as many of you know, my trip up the East Coast this year was cancelled due to family illness. Things are  better now and with much encouragement I have decided to ride the Southern Tier again. I have spent the past few months in my art studio



and now am trying to decide whether I will write stories this year or send out watercolor paintings from the passage through the Southwest, Texas and the Deep South.

Just 8 weeks from now I will be in San Diego staring East 3070 miles to Florida wondering if yet again I have lost my mind.

Training is going well, up to 40 miles a day in the NC heat…I passed some friends this morning along the way…

IMG_1973            IMG_1945









but they were too busy to engage.

As the heat intensified



I decided to call it quits and took to the water.


Wish me luck with getting in shape over the next 56 days and I will consult others


IMG_1802               IMG_1898

as to writing stories or…

           sending pictures.





In the end they are really the same… just different shades of me.




One thought on “Ressurrection

  1. Congratulations on making the trek again! We look forward to beautiful watercolors from the picturesque South!
    Safe Travels


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