Day 0 : I Don’t Know Who I Am…


As I walk to the grocery store this morning to buy supplies for the first week of the ride all is calm and quiet on the San Diego Boardwalk.

I pass two young beauties dressed in skimpy bathing suites…everybody has a perfect body here… I hear one say to the other “ I don’t know who I am…”

A few steps later I turn to my right to see HER nailed to the wall and wonder if SHE knows who she is…


                                    “ ,,A piece of driftwood”… she whispers to me…

                                                Never be surprised by California…

Driftwood, sometimes that feeling hits home…

Yesterday as I watched West Texas 5 miles below me, scorched, grey brown earth with no life in sight, I wondered at my travels and almost asked the pilot to turn the plane around. Why would anyone subject themselves to the raw intensity of these rides yet again?

But today with a new group, excited, anticipating, a little fearful, so ready to start this adventure, I too become excited and ready to hit the road.

Like a piece of driftwood riding from crest to crest I move forward to find out more of who I am, of where I am to go…

Stripped of most comforts, pushed over and over again to limits, one leaves behind of the world of Pundits spewing forth Bad News… Know it Alls racing to the next spectacle to hammer us further and further down with obvious gleeful joy.

Instead, for me , drifting from one forgotten small town to the next, I will once again immerse myself in the Good People Of the Earth who like all of us, insignificant peanuts surviving in the backwaters of land of the History Makers, are the Real People of this world. I find sustenance in their mere existence and connect with their pride in who they are and what they stand for. They are what makes America Great…not some Red baseball cap spewing forth empty promises.

Cassie, dear Cassie, who tongue lashed me to get out of my comfort zone …to ride again so many years ago ..had no idea she was setting adrift a piece of hardened wood to bounce from wave top to wave top forevermore.



Unlike the young girl trying it find herself I at least know a little of who I am…a Time Traveler accompanied by an Angel riding a Cow….a piece of driftwood bouncing from wave top to wave top towards some distant shore…a tumbleweed rolling across the Texas floor…a White Rabbit peaking out from Wonderland’s Moors …

At least for now…

And so Dear Reader, drift with me now over the next 8 weeks and I will fill your soul with mirth and Good News to balance out the TV world. It is the least I can do for you, share my fortune at being allowed to enter this Pure World.

I do have one bit of bad news…in the haste of packing I forgot my paints!

So…for your entertainment here is the last one I did in times before.


                                                                    Stay tuned…


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