Day 25 The Midwest


Today was a 55 mile ride in the rain. I have a 3 hour window here in Henry, Illinois of calm sunshine.


I am going to shower, do laundry, set up my tent, and go grocery shopping.

A tornado was spotted southwest of us by 20 miles just a few minutes ago.

That storm front hits here soon.

I will be hunkering down in my tent with clean clothes and fresh supplies. I should buy some comfort food too… if I am going to Oz I might need some snacks on the way…

A story for today is the last thing on my mind.

Here is the bridge I am camping under. I might go hide under it if I need to…


By the way:

1. I survived the storms last night

2. The storms are supposed to be over tomorrow…supposed to be…

3. For those of you worrying… there are brick buildings 50 yards from us if it really gets dangerous…

4. Tonight is supposed to be 8 hours of soft rain with little wind…supposed to be…

Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

Oh my!


Where are you? Got room for me in your balloon?



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