Day 26 Animal Talk


While laying against an olive tree on the island of Crete reading Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov
a young Greek lad and his pretty sister approached me with a goat being led by a short rope.
”Σας αρέσει η κατσίκα μου?” ( Do you like my goat?)
Not quite sure what the proper response was, being an Italian American of 18 years old and just passing through, but speaking some Greek, I hesitated…never a good idea to insult the locals.
”Ναί” (Yes).
And in a blink of the eye its throat was slit and it was dead…I nearly lost my breakfast on the spot…
”Καλά, έχουμε μια γιορτή απόψε και είσαι ο καλεσμένος μας!”
(Good , we are having a feast tonight and you are our guest).
My only thought was “ OMG!!! My answer killed the goat !!! ”

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