Day 14 In Awe Of Mother Nature


Sometimes Mother Nature is just overpowering.
My best advice in these times is to relinquish control and let yourself be overwhelmed.

Today we leave Lockport after a wonderful breakfast by the same people who fixed us an evening meal the night before. They send us off with hugs and wishes for a safe ride.
West we go leaving the Erie Canal through rolling fields of wheat and hops.
I know we riding on top of the ancient Niagara Escarpment, I can see the land dip a bit both to the North and South.
Escarpments are formed as the earth’s crust pushes up in sheets exposing much harder more ancient rock.
The Niagara Escarpment extends all along the Great Lake region towards a break in the ancient cliff with a massive gorge which has been carved out of the rock by the flow of three gigantic waterfalls…of course I am talking about Niagara Falls.
I have decided this time to ride on the American side to get a different perspective of the flow.
I am not disappointed. As we approach the border the gorge comes into view. The water here flows swiftly but calmly towards Lake Ontario.
On we ride south and in the distance we can hear the roar of flowing cascades and see misty clouds rising from the gorge floor.
Suddenly we can see the Falls off in the distance…just across the way Canada with its spectacular cliffside homes.
We ride on, 5 of us who have decided to stay on this side. Suddenly before us is the American Falls Cascade.
The view is stunning.
Below us small boats ferry tourists to within 50 yards of the base of each Fall.
We are so lucky that the ticket lines are not long so we gleefully decide to lock up our bikes, carry our valuables, and for a while become simple tourists.
Down a 500 elevator shaft we go to the floor of the gorge where we are loaded onto wide bottomed boats. Free thin plastic blue coats are meant to keep us dry…they will in fact not succeed.
Off we go first towards the base of the American Falls and then on to Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.
When we have reaches the safest point inward we are surrounded by three massive walls of flowing water hundreds of feet above our heads. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty tears form in my eyes to mix with the cold spray from these magnificent cascades.
The boat turns and we head back to the mooring down river beyond the giant waterfalls. My gear and valuables are dry but I am happily soaked to the bone.
Back on land above the Cascades all I can do is stare in wonderment at the raw power and Beauty of Mother Nature.
The 30 mild ride along the Niagara River to Buffalo, our nights stay, is more than pleasant in its own but anticlimactic compared to my midday fun.
So ends a tourist day.
By the way, even on the side cliffs of these massive Falls flowers seem to thrive.
Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me…

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