The Glue That Could Hold Us Together.


It has been some time since my last post. My life has been consumed by Covid 19 with a return to work as an MD triaging sick people who have never been but become for a short time my patients… deciding whether or not they are infected with the virus and then making recommendations depending of the severity of the situation.

A light morning is 20, a heavy one 50 to 60 souls in distress.

Due to my particular patient population positivity rates run from 15% to 45% … in six months I have never come close to the 5% rate my particular State considers necessary to re-open…but re-open it has where the virus is not so prevalent.

My patients are White , Black, Hispanic, Rich, Middle Class, Poor, Democratic, Republican, Independent, Straight, Gay, Educated, Uneducated, Young, Middle Aged, and Old…more than 3000 so far…

And they are all Afraid…

I myself have been in quarantine once after being exposed…and like them I knew fear…

I am writing this now since we are being told from Washington DC that this virus is not to be feared…less dangerous than the flu…an ironic statement considering the events of the past week.

Politics has a way of bending the truth…

I will tell you that this virus needs to be feared…I have talked with patients in the morning only to call back the next day to check on them to find that they have crashed and died during the night. Fellow MDs tell me similar stories…how patients turn on a dime…granted these patients are nowhere near in the majority but the severity is nothing to ignore…it is important to keep perspective…most patients are better in one to two weeks.

Fear aside this virus can be dealt with effectively by following the guidelines of social distancing, hand washing and the use of masks. Just as all of you I hope for a vaccine but I suspect it is still several months off.

In the meantime we can help each other and protect each other by continuing to use common sense. I am as responsible for myself as I am for the unknown person in my proximity of space and time.

More importantly we could come together as One if we could just recognize and acknowledge each other’s Fear and realize the Common Bond. We are all vulnerable, we are all at risk, and we all live in this same small world. Perhaps with a little humility and kindness we could recognize the value of each of our lives regardless of Creed, Political Beliefs, Skin Color, Language, Culture, Wealth or Educational Status.

Is it too much to ask that we all follow the Golden Rule of Life?

A Rule found in almost every Religion, Creed, and Human Value System since the beginning of time…

When my family was going through the early stages of the Pandemic in Italy this past Spring my cousin sent me this…

I look at it every day and hope that our Country soon finds itself on the path to recovery…

Be safe.

9 thoughts on “The Glue That Could Hold Us Together.

  1. Powerful words. Can I share on facebook??? I’m so thankful for the work you and your team are doing every day. ________________________________


  2. I’m glad to see your blog again. I’ve missed it. Thanks for the truth. I was told the same things from another dr I saw 2 wks ago. I told her I like hearing what’s going on from the drs because then I know the correct answers. Well done


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