Hope vs. Mother Nature…the First Inning


I stand at the plate, confident that I will get a hit. She looks at me with silent brooding eyes and glances at the score board; MN 6087, NP .02… I too look towards that vast set of numbers in the sky but as always, Hope springs eternal. Thank goodness That small Virtue was at the bottom of Pandora’s Box.


Mother Nature  stares me down,


winds up and let’s loose a curveball not seen in the past 100 years. I’m sure at first I will get beaned in the head then see the arc of the ball curving towards the center of the plate and the sphere speeding up ??? How does She do that ???

Too late to make any form of contact I swing wildly and fall flat on my face in the dirt. An iridescent, translucent catcher laughs and lobs the ball back to her and we begin again…

Strike One…

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