Day 2: Dentures and Heat


I have always had respect for the two US Senators from Maine, Senator Collins and Senator King. Granted, I may not agree with many of their beliefs, but they do seem to represent the underserved in this State. Only today did I actually see for myself what a diverse population they represent…

Maine, so far isolated to the north, does have unusual attributes some which I would like to share with you.
It is cold here: spring has just now arrived while the rest of the country is gearing up for summer heat. The flowers are 2 months behind those back home.
It is mountainous here with breathtaking beauty.
It is rural here, small towns spread apart…homes built of worn wood, heated with wood, surrounded by woods.
There are no road signs…outside city limits they seem not to matter. True to nature the White Rabbit got lost today heading towards Augusta instead of the Coast.
What’s an extra 10 miles on a beautiful day?
 Should I care if they don’t bother to buy road signs? Might need to address this with Senators Collins and King as if they would care what Southern Vermin think…
In open fields, which are rare and far between, potatoes grow to a massive size and have the consistency of hardened granite.


Maine natives have teeth of steel.
But they are ever so polite and kind to strangers.
Tonight we are staying in a church and the pastor has opened up his home for our showers. Now that is true Northern Hospitality.
And not just him…
As I crossed a walkway in town with a local woman a car stopped and the driver apologized to us.
“ What was that about?” to her.
“ We’ll he didn’t stop in time for us…we know our manners here and all cars stop for people on foot”.
Walmart has not arrived yet…you can get Everything here…
But the one I like best of all…they don’t do heat.
As I came back from the laundromat I decided to stop at a Greek restaurant for my evening meal. As I approached the front door the owner burst out, looked up,and turned to see me standing there.
“ Your sign says open til 8 and it is only 5. Are you coming back?”
“No! It’s too hot to work!! ”
With more than a little surprise I pointed to the bank sign across the street with time and temperature…
” 5 PM, 78 degrees”…turning back I realized he was gone…
And so for dinner I fixed myself a chickpea salad with tomatoes smothered in olive oil and had a wonderful fried chicken breast.
At least they know how to cook chicken here…

No iron dentures need for this!


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