Prologue to the Northern Tier 1.1


More Characters :  The Locals


There is no doubt that those met on the way do nothing but restore one’s faith in  humanity… over and over again. Any seperations by Religion, Wealth, Social Class, Education, Race, Ethnic Origin, Politics, Physical Beauty, or Age just do not exist. Perhaps it is the vulnerability of a lone rider crossing wide, untamed expanses… perhaps it is an appreciation by those living in the hinterlands to know someone cares enough to pass through where they live… perhaps it is just raw mutual recognition that we are all the same…the result is pure. unbound, genuine Kindness.

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Miracles and Guardian Angels


He was 2 years old … dark blue, limp as a rag doll in my arms.  I rushed as quickly and safely as I dared  to the 2nd floor Intensive Care Unit. He was still “breathing”  at 40 times a minute with shallow gasps… I wondered  how long he was for this world.

Why I was alone with him running up the stairs and through the halls I cannot remember but it had been on one of my winter ER shifts in a small Northern Chicago Hospital that he had been suddenly thrust at me by a frantic parent coming in from the freezing cold.  I was sure he would not last the night.


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